Setting up a 4 node Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster
Setting up the right hardware.


Earlier I talked about, how I set up a single node Raspberry Pi.
This is post is about setting up, a 4 node Raspberry Pi 2 cluster aka C4Rpi based on this external post.


Cluster set up can be split into 3 different functionalities.

  1. Each node consist of a Raspberry Pi with Micro SD card and enclosed in a case.
    In this cluster, we have 4 individual nodes.
  2. Network switch to connect 4 nodes together and to provide an external link.
    Chosen network switch has 5 slots in it.
  3. Power supply to power individual nodes as well as the network.
    Chosen power supply has 5 USB ports, 4 for powering 4 nodes and remaining 1 to power the Network switch.

This cluster has two connections to outside world.

  • Power supply cable, that can be connected to the mains power supply.
  • Network cable, that can be connected to LAN.

Pictures speak more

4 Raspberry Pi nodes + 1 Power Supply + 1 Network Switch

With required cables

Note: Black wire and USB cable has to be linked.

Full set up with everything connected

Bill of Materials

Core Components


Power Supply

Overall Cost

So, overall cost is ₹ 15628.00 + 1069.75 + 2920.00 = ₹ 19617.75 (or $ 289.63 (at $1 = ₹67.64)).
This cost list is specific to Indian Market and based on prices as on Jan 18, 2016.
If you are ready, for approx ₹ 20k you can set up a 4 node Raspberry Pi 2 cluster.


  • I had chosen all components to have same colour.
  • This includes, RJ45 network cable, USB cable, Raspberry Pi 2 case, Network switch and Power supply.
  • But, Jack barrel pin cable that powers the network switch is still black. No alternatives found in Indian Market.
  • In short, White everywhere, except one little piece.


I will write about how to set up the required software and use this cluster.

Update on Jan 19, 2016

  • Added new pictures of the setup.
  • Minor edit in footnote.


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