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Powerbot connecting real world to twitter
via Raspberry Pi using GPIO pins

hardware iot python code circuit raspberry pi twitter

Raspberry Pi Benchmarking File IO
using sysbench, sd card and attached external hard disk

raspberry pi ntfs fat ext hard disk sd card benchmark

Mounting external hard disk to Raspberry Pi
which contains NTFS and FAT file systems.

raspberry pi ntfs fat setup hard disk

Setting up a 4 node Raspberry Pi 2 Cluster
Setting up the right hardware.

raspberry pi c4rpi hardware setup

Raspberry Pi 2 benchmarking
using sysbench and Java

raspberry pi benchmark java sysbench code fibonacci

Raspberry Pi 2 setup
from micro SD card to JDK installation.

raspberry pi setup java c4rpi

Experiment with Raspberry Pi
How I turned it to a electricity monitor, tweetbot and downloader.

raspberry pi tweetbot kuralbot powerbot downloader youtube torrent python